About Us

Verterra was founded by 2 burned-out millennials in Singapore who, feeling fatigued by the demands of city living, sought to carve out moments of joy during our hurried lives.

At Verterra, we offer personal and home care products that help create those precious pockets of peace in our homes and minds.

Each item is crafted from the finest natural ingredients, kind to both your body and the Earth, and designed to be effortlessly incorporated into your daily routine.

Seek out and embrace intentional moments daily with Verterra.

Our Beginnings

The idea of Verterra started from our founders' constant struggle with consistent eczeme flare-ups.

Finding relief felt like an endless journey. While we tried various 'organic' and 'all-natural' products on the market, we were often left disappointed when our skin condition did not improve.

The Deep Dive

Disappointed by the lack of improvement from store-bought 'organic' options, we decided to take a deeper look.

Our research revealed that many 'natural' products actually contained additional preservatives and synthetics to add fragrance, save costs, or prolong shelf-life.

Our Solution

Seeking a truly natural solution, we embarked on our journey by collaborating with a chemist to develop our Castile Soap.

Made with only the highest quality botanical ingredients, it embodies our commitment to clean and effective products that better our everyday routines.

Our Goal

Knowing that eczema and a multitude of other issues are often rooted in the stress of modern life, we've since expanded our range beyond Castile Soap.

Our thoughtfully crafted products, harnessing nature's finest ingredients, empower you to create moments of peace anywhere, anytime.

Products that are made well, to help you live well.